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Great Artists

Here are some Great Artist sites:

  • Portland Art Collective

  • Leslie Parsons - Great teacher and fun! Nice lady!
  • Kelly Kilmer - Nice, fast paced teacher, covers a lot of techniques in one class!!
  • Diane Downs - A very creative artist and businesswoman. Proud to be a member of the Portland Art Collective (PAC) with her. Soul Collage Facilitator.
  • Suzie Wolfer - Fellow member of the Portland Art Collective (PAC.) Suzie is currently concentrating on Soul Collage workshops where she has combined her psychotherapy profession with her love of art. Very Creative!
  • Brenda McKinney -My sister is getting back in touch with her creative side, through quilting. She is enjoying the changes she sees in how she views the world.
  • Beth Faller - This lady likes to dabble in a lot of different media! She excels in them all!
  • Diana Twedt - What a darling person. Loved her Serendipity Pins class at Art & Soul! Her papers are awesome! Hope she'll have a website soon! Diana?
  • Claudine Hellmuth - Her site includes everything from group discussions, critique and Show & Tell to mini-tutorials. Great product info site also! Her classes are both fun & excellent. Her 2 nd, long awaited, book is in the stores!
  • Avie Messerli - Auntie Av was my first inspiration in art! She does it all and well! Beading, tole painting, all needlearts, watercolor, pen and ink. Belle Artiste!
  • Paige LaDue Henry - An outstanding colorist and texturist. Great collage fabric artist! She paints too! Check out her fantastic handbag line!
  • Linda Aman - My personal painting guru and watercolor teacher. I've learned more from her in the past 2 years than I learned in all my other 13 years of painting! Her watercolors are beautiful!
  • Karen Michel - I enjoyed her class & her funky style. She has a new book out!
  • Teesha Moore - A very whimsical and colorful artist! Artfest founder. Great studio shots on her website!
  • Liz Walker - I am crazy about her elongated figural and animal watercolor pieces. Nice lady!
  • Traci Bautista - Great colorist! I learned a lot about layering in her backgrounds class!
  • Tracy Roos - One of my very good friends & a real dear. A very creative artist! I love her website- especially her journal and collage sheets. Originated the artist playing card deck. Thanks for everything!!
  • Bev Bravelton - Collage on the grid is a very interesting concept! Her first book is finally out!
  • Jonathan Talbot - Great collage artist!
  • Nikki Blackwood - Exacting Creative Artist! I love her funkiness and style! PAC founder. She does everything doesn't she?
  • Robin Olson - PAC Founder. I love how her colorful fun style carries through between mediums. Great needle artist and painter!
  • Stephanie Brockway - I love her fun, out of the box creativity! PAC member.
  • Cynthia Mooney - Her collages are beautiful and compelling! PAC member.
  • Brenda Marks - Amazing altered book artist! PAC member.
  • Melissa Lowry - Innovative, creative ideas. Have you seen her art chairs? Local 14 and PAC member.
  • Margaret Terrall - Excellent mixed media artist and teacher. Rich paintings!! Love her! Wonderful studio. Local 14 board member.
  • Sunny Smith - A very prolific painter! Love her work!
  • Phyllis Meyer - Phyllis employs interesting textures in her colorful & fun mixed media pieces.
  • Marcia Petty - I love her style and unique ideas in her mixed media pieces!
  • Lori Rase Hall - Her watercolor and colored ink pieces are so compelling-I own 5 pieces!! Catch her on Ebay!
  • Chris Keylock Williams - I adore her critique class. It 's a challenge worth rising to. She is a delight!
  • Zana Clark - Great hands-on teacher! Her watercolor collage class lead me to create an honorable mention winning piece in the Portland Rose Show with OSA.
  • Susan Horswill - This Seattle artist is only beginning to find her potential!
  • Pat Schroeder - One of my favorite rubber stamp artists!
  • Sandy Boynton - One of my other favorite rubber stamp artists!
  • My entire Watercolor class - Susan Hook, Carol Putnam, Jill Goodell, Carol Rhodes, Sarah Wright, Pat Jones, Carol Levy, Betty Taylor, Kate Nilan, Kim Dewey, Marie Winston and, of course, Linda Aman. A great group to belong to-inspiring and fun!! Such impressive talent! They make me want to be better!
  • Pat San Soucie- A remarkable woman and artist! I've learned a lot from her
  • The Portland Art Collective- Their work is so good that they make me better--just to keep up!
  • Marcy Baker-taught me how to monotype!
  • Ruth Armitage- A lovely person and artist!
  • Sandra Kay- A new artist and friend who is now starting to realize her talent!!
  • Barbara Stammer- A multi-media artist who definitely has been there and done that! She enjoys monotypes, pen and ink.


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